Cream-Line Milk

While we are huge fans and proponents of raw milk, we recognize not all customers prefer, or feel comfortable, with raw milk. That's okay! We've got options!

Introducing our Cream-Line milk product! A low-temperature pasteurized, non-homogenized milk! 

Most milk in a grocery store has been ultra pasteurized. This means it cooked to a very high temperature (165+) for a short period of time (around 60 seconds). Low-Temp milk is cooked at 145 degrees for 30 minutes. This means it does kill bacteria, but preserves some of the natural enzyme properties. Non-homogenized means the cream still rises to the top--hence the term Cream-Line! Both process elements mean this product is a much more digestive-friendly alternative to the typical milk you'll find in the store!

Cream-Line Milk is available in the following sizes:



Cream Line Milk Gallon