Our Raw Ice Cream

For those who love ice cream, yet want to stick to the healthier side of life, we bring you Pure & Simple, our line of fresh, delicious raw ice cream!


Our Pure & Simple recipes are made with fresh raw milk and cream and a blend of very basic, natural ingredients, such as evaporated cane juice and maple sugar as sweeteners along with natural flavorings. We try to stick to about 5 to 6 ingredients! So go ahead and indulge a little! You're welcome!

Many people ask why we do not make all of our ice creams raw. Well, the truth is that pasteurization and homogenization actually contribute a great deal to creating traditional ice cream texture. Pasteurization breaks up the protein strands in the milk and homogenization distributes the cream particles, which both contribute to why traditional ice cream texture is the way it is. Do not fear, though. We've managed to come pretty close to perfecting incredible texture with raw product and a simple base of ingredients!


Raw ice cream must be specially ordered, with an order of at least 2 quarts (packaged in your choice of either pints, quarts or half-gallon). We need at least 4 days notice for raw ice cream orders.


Our current Pure & Simple flavors include:

Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Cinnamon,

Maple, Lemon & Strawberry