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Self-Serve Milk Program

Our Grade-A Raw Milk can be purchased in bottles either at our store or at one of our Drop Points. However, we also make our milk available at a discount price to members of our Self Serve Program.


The Self-Serve Program allows you to come out to the farm and to retrieve your milk in your own containers from our cooling tank. You must be signed up as a member of the program to use this option.


The program works like this:


  1. Sign up by filling out one of our forms (see below). We do have a limited number of slots available for the program, so you may want to check with us first for availability. We can put you on a waiting list if we are full.

  2. We will arrange a time with you to come out and meet with one of our team members for a initial tutorial on getting milk.

  3. Bring your own container(s) to extract your milk. (Wide-mouth jars and pitchers with lids are needed!)

  4. If paying by the gallon, put your money in our cash box.

  5. Take you milk home and enjoy!


Milk is available every morning before 10:30 AM, every evening after 7:00 PM, and all day on the off-days when the milk truck does not come. This happens every other day. To see a monthly schedule of the pick-up days, click on the accompanying calendar image.



$5.00 per gallon, which can be paid with cash or check.


We also offer discounted price of $4.50 per gallon for those who wish to pay monthly and who are willing to sign up for automatic payment (with either a credit or debit card). For Self-Serve payments, only those set up with automatic card charges can be applied to our Customer Loyalty Program.


The monthly payment plan is best for those who use a consistent number of gallons per week. Simply select the number of gallons you need, fill out our automatic payment form, and come get your milk any time it is available!


We do have a limit on the number of slots available for the program, but we can put your name on the waiting list if we are full. Feel free to email or call to check on availability.


To sign up for the Self-Serve Program fill out one of the following online forms:


Sign up From - Pay by the Gallon ($5/gal)


Sign up Form - Monthly/Automatic Payment ($4.50/gal)

2020 Milk Truck Schedule.jpg

Annual Pick up Schedule - Click to Open

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