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Welcome to our Farm!

In a world where our lives seemingly become busier and busier, there is something magical about a farm that can somehow, for a moment, slow things down a bit.


Every week, we see moms visit the farm store with their children. The kids love to run around and chase the rogue barn cat, attempt to catch a chicken and giggle hysterically as a baby calf eagerly slobbers all over their fingers! It’s all part of the farm experience that we delight in giving our customers and their families! We love to help people feel as if they have momentarily stepped back in time and push pause on the “busy life remote.”

Producing healthy, traditional foods and giving our customers a nostalgic family farm experience is what we are passionate about! We are a proud sixth-generation dairy farm family here in Star Valley, Wyoming--a family who is dedicated to serving your family!

Our Mission


We are dedicated to producing high quality, farm-fresh products and giving our customers a nostalgic experience by sharing with them our love and heritage of farming.

With the explosion of new information about the importance of returning to traditional food diets and simplifying our eating habits, we are here to be your family’s number one stop for pure, healthy, farm-fresh meats and dairy products. We take great care to produce the healthy foods we want our kids to eat, and look forward to helping you feed yours!


So between soccer practice, the PTO meeting, Taekwondo lessons and still trying to get dinner on the table, we’re here to at least take the stress out of finding good, safe, nutritious foods that you can feel confident in. And then, after the soccer game, we’ve got the perfect place to bring the family where life can slow down a bit.

We can’t wait to see you and your family at our farm!

Get Your FREE Guide to the Best Homemade Ice Cream EVER!
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