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Alpine, Wyoming

Pickup Location


1 . This is a (we) Drop off and (you) Pickup Location!

2 . On every scheduled Delivery we will be at this Location for a  20 minute window! 

3​  .   If you miss your pickup we will hold your order for  6 days  at our farm store in South Afton, (2325 HWY 241, Afton Wyoming, 83110)

         It is your responsibility to come and pick up your order​ before

6 days expires. 

​( you are welcome to try and catch us at  one of our other pickup locations in their appropriate time windows. )

We DON'T...

●Refund missed orders
●Re-deliver missed orders 


Every wednesday at 10:30am we will be here for 20 min where you can come meet us and pickup your order

DropOff is on Thursday


Call Jacob: 307-248-8865
Call Jon: 307-761-0556

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