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Icelandic Skyr

Halló! Ert þú eins og jógúrt?


In Icelandic, that means "Hello, do you like yogurt?"

Skyr is a thick yogurt that is made with both live cultures and rennet (used in cheese making). The rennet influences the culturing process so that it adds a cheese-like quality to the product. So, essentially, it's like a soft yogurt-cheese!


After the culturing process, the whey is strained off as with Greek style yogurt. However, what is different about skyr is that the cheese-like quality tends to yield a higher protein content than most Greek yogurts! In fact, each 8 oz serving contains 23g of protein!

Skyr is not a raw milk product because it must be cooked to at least 165 degrees F in order for it to be skyr. However, it is loaded with live cultures and probiotics, which does make it more digestible. 

Our skyr comes in pints and all flavors are naturally sweetened with pure maple syrup. 

Current Price:     $4.50 per 16 oz for all flavors

  • Plain

  • Raspberry 

  • Orange Cream

  • Coconut 

  • Maple

  • Huckleberry

  • Lemon  

To read the story of how we discovered skyr, and t learn more about it, CLICK HERE to read our blog post!

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