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What is Skyr Yogurt?

Skyr (pronounced Skeer) is a traditional Icelandic-style yogurt that has been around since the days of the Vikings. It is thicker, smoother, and more nutrient-dense than any other yogurts. It has loads of protein and billions of probiotics. It is naturally low in sugar.

Wyomings Skyr yogurt is different than all the other yogurts on the market due to grass-fed and full-cream milk, while also being sweetened with pure, maple syrup. Together these things create the thickest, creamiest, and healthiest yogurt product one can buy.  


The culture used in our Skyr is a special probiotic culture, and the plain Skyr contains 21 grams of protein in one serving.

Skyr is not a raw milk product. It must be cooked at 180° F in order to denature the milk, and begin the Skyr making process. 

Our one of a kind Skyr comes in 16oz and 8oz options.

  • Plain

  • Raspberry 

  • Coconut 

  • Maple

  • Huckleberry

  • Lemon  

We have strived to create a product to be proud of, a product to make us feel good about not only feeding our family, but your family as well. 

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