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Our Milk

Milk is one of nature's most nutritious foods. Raw milk, that is. One of the biggest mistakes consumers make about their milk choices is by assuming that milk is milk and that it's all the same. Nothing could be further from the truth! It is important to note, however, that there is a difference between raw milk that is intended for human comsumption and raw milk that is intended to be pasteurized. 


In producing raw milk for human consumption, there are several factors that go into producing good, safe and healthy raw milk, these include:


  1. Cow care and nutrition.

  2. Clean milking facilities and procedures.

  3. Proper milking and storage equipment.

  4. Proper equipment cleaning procedures.


We take pride in the milk we produce and are confident that you and your family will love it as much as we do! To learn more about raw milk and the benefits of incorporating it into your diet, visit our Learning Section.


Our milk can either be purchased at our farm store, or through our Drop Point service.


Raw Whole Milke is currently available in:


Gallons.            $6.00

       Half-Gallons.    $3.50       



Our Cows

Our dairy herd is primarily comprised on Holstein cows. Holsteins are naturally high milk producers and do well here in our high mountain valley climate.


Our cows are fed a healthy diet of grass and alfalfa hay (both dry and silage). We grow all of our own feed, which is hormone and pesticide free.


We allow our cows to graze in the pastures as much as possible during the year, which for our Wyoming climate, is about 5 months. During these months, their diet is predominately fresh grass-based. We operate a well-managed rotational grazing program in order to help maximize our shorter growing season, but also to help replenish and build the soil in our pastures. This is a holistic management approach to using herbivores as a way to care for and enhance the environment in their natural role.


Cow health and comfort is important to us because without happy, healthy animals, we know that milk quality and production suffers. Our cows are never given hormone supplements to enhance their production. Instead, cows will naturally produce well as long as their diet is nutritious and their in a happy and healthy environment!

Our Milking Process

Cleanliness is our biggest priority when it comes to milking our cows and bottling our milk!


When our cows come in for their milking, each one is carefully and thoroughly washed. One element of our milking process that is unique to our dairy is the fact that we wash and clean our cows with ozonated water. Many dairies use iodine, and while it does the job, it can also absorb into the udder skin and traces of it can make its way into the milk--affecting flavor. Where we are a raw dairy, preserving the natural flavor of the milk is important to us, but raw milk flavor can also be delicate.


During milking, the milk is piped into a cooling tank where it cools to about 38 degrees F. It is held there until we are ready to bottle where is transferred directly to our filler.


During each phase of the process, we take great care in making sure equipment is clean.

Then, multiple times each week, we collect a milk sample to test in our on-farm lab so that we can monitor bacteria levels and ensure that we are doing our job in producing clean milk that has an extremely low risk of pathogen contamination.

You can learn more about our safety program by visiting our Learning page.

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