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Regenerative Agriculture: What it is, and why it matters.

Beef cattle grazing on one of our beautiful pastures.

A lot of people get the concept of eating healthier food. We speak with customers on a daily basis who come to our farm in search of organic, locally-grown foods because they recognize the way they can help heal the body and enhance quality of life.

But seeking food that is more healthy FOR US is just one part of a very important equation. We also must seek food that was healthy to THE EARTH while it was being grown! There is a large spectrum of farming practices, and they vary both in the quality of food they yield, as well as the environmental impact they have.

"Regenerative Agriculture" is a term that is unfamiliar to many people, but is becoming much more widely used among the organic/small farming community. It's farming that GIVES BACK to the earth in a sustainable and meaningful way; and implementing the practices has amazing potential to not only provide more nutrient-dense foods, but also heal ecological damage caused from conventional farming practices, and reverse climate change!

Over the last several years, we have been working to transition our farm to a regenerative farm. It has been a process, and has not always been easy. However, we finally are seeing some very exciting fruits of our labors regarding the health of our pastures, soil, and animals!

A photo showing one of our healthy, multi-species pastures

We created a short video with some slides to provide you with a basic "crash course" on regenerative agriculture. We are excited to share these concepts and invite you take a look!

Also, if you want a more detailed overview of regenerative agriculture, I recently published an article on Medium about the topic, and why it is one of the most practical solutions to the current climate and ecological crises we face.

As you seek organic and locally-grown food, make sure to also consider the farming practices used in producing it. There is much more to producing nutritious foods than simply not spraying pesticides. Yes, that is part of it, but regenerative agriculture teaches us how to use farming in ways that truly heal and give back to earth in a way that allows ecosystems to thrive!

My Recent Medium Article about Regenerative Agriculture

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